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Monday, February 15, 2010
at 9:00 AM

Yeay, No school today and tomorrow.
I should be thankful cos' School sucks.
Total defence day i guess .I'm getting ready to hear the public warning system alarm .
Lol. I'm so childish ahs. Yeah and Shanghai nights yesterday was freaking funny especially Jackie chan.And today i'm gonna watch Shanghai noon on channel 5.
And School house rockz Is on tv again?!

And today is 15 february. Something wrong with the post options.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010
at 5:11 PM

Okay. Yesterday Was pretty good. Schools oh-kay for me. AS usual, I'm always the one who reaches school first. My gangs are so late. Lol. I have to wait like 10 minutes? And their house is so near .Arhh,. The second one two arrived is Bella.
one thing i know about her is that she always used make up to go school.No wonder she looks so prettay. I wonder why the teachers are so stupid not noticing that bella use make up go school? Than hui juan .hui kim,lynn,pamela come. Lol. They were walking so slow.
Then we all went strait to class. Omy god, first lesson maths. how i hate maths. Then english. Do composition. WTF? ok, i hate writing long story . it will just waste my pen ink. Then science.Do experiments in science lab. lol. me and bella play water in the beaker which was not instructed by mrs slyvia. lol. luckily we didn't get caught or detention .It was recess. Yeay! finally some rest. my girlfriends all call their bfs. While i just text my bf since i didn't want to disturb him by calling.So sweet right?
Then after that it was economics,social studies,history. i'M TIRED.

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I will fuck you if you never credit

Monday, February 8, 2010
at 11:51 PM

I'm so pissed ! Freaking tired because of stupid activity? It's like physical test or what?!
Pleasee? i have enough tired for a week. Schools on monday-friday? tuition on friday and thursday nights?religious school on sunday? Doing chores on saturday? . So boring and fuckingg tired siahh.
Ohkay. I'm not going to say much about this thing. But P.E today really sucks.

I'm gonna be hiatus on 17feb to 19feb for camp. I hope i'm not repeating this?
Did i tell you i love camp the most? Seriously, i really enjoy there cause' i can get away from my parent's nagging. But on the other hand, i will surely miss them.
Ok, let's stop this grandma and grandpa story.
I went with pamela and dewi to rob people's houses. Not really lahh. We went shopping!!
pictures above.
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Sunday, February 7, 2010
at 8:51 PM

I'm not sure what really happened to me.
i feel emotional sometimes.
i 'm obsessed with this thingy.
i failed in everything i do.
can you tell me why?
And happy birthday sis.
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Saturday, February 6, 2010
at 4:57 AM

i'ved moved to this blog.
Happy? i know adneen is not happy . Hahs !
LOL. OK watever .

Ok, i love you .
( lol. i'm not in love with you when you are reading it. Don't be too proud ayee?)
Ok. I'm not gonna elaborate yesterday's horrible and most saddest story.
But today is most wicked funny and wicked lame.
just now get up 8.00. Gosh,so early this elly girl waked up ayee. (:
Bath till dunno timimg. Eat eat eat til i grow fat. ahas.
Then meet my gangs at tampiness. It 's so fucking funn.
Then went home 6.00. so longg.
Lol. got home then kena scolding cos' so long over there and my dad thought i skip doing house chores. Walao siahh.
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